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500 years after the death of Sosuke Aizen a new era of souls emerge to make their own marks on history.
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 Yukimura, Atos

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Race: Shinigami
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PostSubject: Yukimura, Atos   Sun Jul 20, 2014 7:54 pm

Name: Yukimura, Atos

Nickname: Father Time

Age: 246 but appears 26

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Birthday: April 13

Blood Type: A

Alignment: Good (loyal to the law)

_Unnamed Grandfather (Deceased)
- Yukimura, Akira (Deceased 1st wife)
- Yukimura, Ai (Deceased Infant Daughter)
- Yukimura, Yui (Deceased Daughter)

Race: Shinigami



Personality: A ridiculously serious person with no care in the world for sympathetic feelings. It is either follow the law or be put to death for him. Without even knowing the captain just a single glance can show just how intent he is. He has never smiled since the death of his last member of his family, his precious daughter, Yui died shortly by the attack of a hollow in Rukongai district 5 about 3 months later after losing both his wife and infant in delivery problems. Neither the baby girl nor his wife made it. The only thing that gives him joy is ensuring the safety of the soul society by any means necessary. He has only but one soft spot, though he often tries to avoid it but it touches him watching other families interact with one another.

Physical Appearance: Atos is a 5,11 male who stands at 146.2 lbs

Zanpakuto:Kūkan to jikan

Background  (Role Play Sample):Late that night the 112 (16) year old boy could hardly sleep, It was new years but not just any new years, it was the year in which his grandfather was going to teach him the truth behind their family and his existence. He had already hurried and done all his chores before nightfall, Water the garden, kido training, hoho training, shunpo training, hakuda training, and practicing with the family old specially chanted wooden zanpakuto that intentionally completely sucked away ones spiritual pressure as long as the wielder holds the blade thus forcing the wielder to rebuild and train for new spiritual pressure until they feel almost as strong as they once were. Once released the blade your old spiritual pressure would return to merge with you new strength usually causing Yukimura members to attain a high level of power quickly. He awaited the arrival of his grandfather, the eldest central 46 member, to arrive from his duties. By night fall the familiar old waddling shadow appeared by the gate and chanted a kido spell to unlock the gate. Expetedly, the young boy ran to his grandfather greeting him and eager to show him his work around the garden. The old man smiled and slowly waddled inside of his traditional dojo type house to change into his lounge aware kimono. Atos patiently waited until his grandfather was done and met him at the swing set that sat in the middle of the garden and the two sat in complete silence staring at the sky intently perfectly demonstrating there family traits. After the first fire work exploded, he could hear the sound echo throughout the sorietei. He and his grandfather stared, while listening to the comments of their fellow shinigami acquaintances from Behind. Atos turned around to see Renji and Ikkaku arguing to where they should put the "prototype" firework they made together. No I get to decide where it goes! It was squad 11's Idea in the first place! Cut the crap! anyone can duck tape bombs together, It was squad 6 who provided the funds to purchase all those explosives, therefore I get to decide where to put it! The two roared on and Atos watched the whole thing, he even saw the little pink haired lieutenant of division 11 sneak up and steal the fire work and run away with it causing the two grown men to chase aster her. Atos signed and was shocked the hear the chuckle of his old man who had also been watching what he had seen. Kids you cant help em right. He continued to chuckle until it was no longer funny to him.

The two's eyes were directed once again to the loud noise of the soothing fireworks. They stared awhile until Atos became tired of the simultaneous dancing colors and directed his eyes to his smiling grandfather. He so badly desired to ask him then about their family heritage and where exactly did he come from but he knew how his grandfather was. If you asked him about something he wasn't willing to tell you he wouldn't want to talk about it until a much later time. He had already waited 34 years before his grandfather recently promised to tell him, he wasn't going to ruin his chance now. He at least wanted to get his grandfather talking hoping he would remember. Grandfather? Why are you smiling and laughing alot today? This isn't like you... Not even on New Years. without removing his eyes his grandfather spoke with a light smile. Because my dear boy, The marumi kumquat tree is about to drop its last leaf. The boy"s eyes make their way to the tree in which he had watered earlier.His grandfather was correct, It was indeed dying and contained 3 leaves and one last marumi on it. Atos then stood up and flash stepped over to the tree demonstrating to his grandfather he had indeed practiced hard to master his shunpo.  He then picked the final fruit, splitting it in half filling his grandfathers eyes with curiosity. He then presented his grandfather with a peace of the fruit. It may be true that the tree is dying grandfather but with these seeds new trees can be planted and we can start anew with your garden. Smiled Atos. His grandfather feeling touched, gently pats his head and begins to slowly remove his seeds. He then pears up to what was left of his tree. He had lost another leave and was left with only two. You  know your exactly right Atos, Even though the first tree may be gone but there are always seeds and seeds can be used to replace what had once been a great. Atos smiled at him then suddenly was momentarily frightened by the unexpectedly loud firework. He turned to find it coming from squad 11's barracks area. YOU DUMBASS! he was sure o have heard the lieutenant of 6th yell all the way from his grandfathers backyard. His grandfather gives him a teasing laugh and directs his head back to the sky. Atos blushed in embarrassment and looked away, his eyes also soon returning to the sky.

After another odd pause of silence his grandfather once again started speaking. You know... My father planted that tree almost Exactly when i was born... We called it the miracle for it would be the key connection to my life. He had Atos's Attention now. I was to watch and keep that tree healthy throughout my life time and I can never forgive myself for what i did to it...What did you do Grandfather??I made some good marumi pie! AHAHAHAHAHA Atos also laughed in a chorus with his and father until he heard the old mans laughter dying out. He had never seen his grandfather in such a good mood. Why was acting so differently? Would he remain this way? Was this the start of anew in the lifet of his grandfather? He was now more so interested in what happened to make him like this. He looked down from the explosion above his head to think.

After awhile of thinking his grandfather once again broke the ice. So you would like to know more about who you are do you not? Atos's eyes flash in surprise to view his grandfather's familiar facial expression. His grand father signed and began to tell him the story but the fireworks tuned out some words and finally his grandfather was done. He didnt quite hear him all the way but he figured he could ask him in the morning. That night the last leaf fell off the tree and Atos's grandfather was found dead of old age in his bed.
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Yukimura, Atos
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