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500 years after the death of Sosuke Aizen a new era of souls emerge to make their own marks on history.
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As the newest bleach rpg on forumotion many roles, ranks and classes need to be assumed. All of these privileges will be based off of first come first serve basis. Hurry up while you can!
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The 13 Court Guards squads include Captain # 13, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 12, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 11, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 10, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 9, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 8, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 7, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 6, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 5, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 4, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 3, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 2, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, And leading the thirteen Court Guards Squad is Head Captain # 1, Atos with Miku as his second in command. Also playing a big role in the soul society is The Kido corps which is led by (Captain) and (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command and Division Zero which is led by (Captain) and (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command. These are the defenders of the Soul Society.
The Espada fraccions are not ranked in order of the numerous by power. All espada have earned their own names through countless devouring of hollow prey. These warriors stand out amongst all the hollow and arranacar alike. These members include (Espada) as the 10th espada, (Espada) as the 9th espada, (Espada) as the 8th espada, (Espada) as the 7th espada, (Espada) as the 6th espada, (Espada) as the 5th espada, (Espada) as the 4th espada, (Espada) as the 3rd espada, (Espada) as the 2nd espada, (Espada) as the 1st espada, and (Espada) as the espada number zero.
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     Kotaro Crescent (WIP)

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    Kotaro Crescent

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    PostSubject: Kotaro Crescent (WIP)   Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:32 pm

    <Image of character>

    Name: Kotaro Crescent

    Nickname: "Weapon-X"

    Age: 19 (before experiment)

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Birthday: Unknown

    Blood Type: Type-A

    Alignment: Neutral


    • (NPC, Mother, Deceased) Gene

    • (NPC, Father, Deceased) 6

    Race: Arrancar

    Rank: Cero

    Fracción: (NPC) Lucy:

    Appearance: Lucy is heavily armored with black steel padding that covers most of her body. She has midlength pink hair and crimson eyes. Her appearance is a mixture of a tough demonator with innocence mixed in to balance it out.

    Personality: While she can be cold and brutal to most people, she can be very caring and considerate to those who she has chosen to accept as close friends or something similar. She has developed a strong need to protect Kotaro just like an older sibling would want to protect their younger sibling.

    Name: Blazing Flames / Ardiente Llama
    Release command: Roar loudly / Rugir con Fuerza
    Apperance: Lucy's hair becomes more wild and spaced it, similar to a lion's mane and it appears to be on fire since the mane appears to be made out of redish pink flame. Thick claws made out of bone like material forms over her fingertips, much like liion claws, only these ones are razor sharp and unsheathed. Her blade becomes engulfed in the same redish pink flame and becomes more like taichi type blade.
    Segunda Etepa: Infernal Hell Flames / Diabólico Infierno Llama
    Appearance: The fire around her hair and blade seemed to grow darker and much more widespread. The cackling from the fire burning seems to roar loudly like a lions roar. The blade seemed to grow into a giant scimitar looking blade. A tail of flames seemed to grow, and speed increases dramatically as well as her physical strength.

    Personality: Cold hearted and serious. Can sometimes be a big softie depending on the situation.

    Physical Appearance:

    • Height: 6'0"

    • Weight: 175 lbs.


    Background: Long ago in testing facility for biological weapons, a spiritually aware human was put in charge of a special project called "X". He began to experiment with souls of the dead and he discovered a soul undergoing the transformation of a Hollow and watched as it devoured the human souls. Overtime, he kept feeding the creature live specimens of humans, animals, and even other Hollows, over the years he watched this Hollow grow stronger and stronger, watching it evolve into higher form eventually into a Vasto Lorde. When the man heard it speak he began to converse with it eventually naming the Vasto Lorde subject "6" and explained why he raised him and that he wanted to create a human with Hollow capabilities, and of course 6 trusted the man who had taken care of him his whole life as a Hollow. The man brought in a spiritually aware human to 6's cell one day as part of an "experiment" and thus Kotaro was born as a hybrid with the mind and body of a human except a hollowfied left arm and capabilities of that of an average Hollow. His mother died holding her newborn in her arms as for the Vasto Lorde he continued to be experimented on. More years passed on as he grew up being surrounded by needles, surgeries, nourishment of Hollow souls and being taught like just a normal human.
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    Kotaro Crescent (WIP)
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