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500 years after the death of Sosuke Aizen a new era of souls emerge to make their own marks on history.
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 Junsui Yuki

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PostSubject: Junsui Yuki   Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:34 pm

Name: Minai {family name} /Junsui {adopted family name} Yuki

Nickname: n/a

Age: 12 yrs

Gender: female

Sexuality: n/a

Birthday: January 28

Blood Type: AB

Alignment: Evil/Neutral


Junsui Chikaru (npc / older brother/ adopted / deceased)
Minai Kaiya (npc / mother / biological / deceased)
Minai Asakeji (npc / father / biological / deceased)

Race: Spiratually Aware Human / Fullbringer

Rank: Prodigy

Occupation: High School Student

Club: n/a

Personality: Yuki is your seemingly normal Elementary school student. She loves to play and to eat sweet things, explore new places and just have fun all together. She loves school and learning new things as well as experiencing new things. She loves music above all else and keeps an Ipod on her at all times, sometimes getting in trouble for it as well. If she is listening to a good song she sort of trances out and will sing along with it. Her favorite subjects are science and math. But when shes alone, its a whole different story...

Physical Appearance: Yuki is a young child with long dark obsidian blackish brown hair and dull redish brown eyes. Other than when she is wearing her uniform, she is seen wearing baggy grey shorts and a plain black shirt with a white and cyan hoodie over her shirt. She usually carries an mp3 player with her and is usually barefoot. On her legs and her arms, if you can convince her to take off her hoodie, you will see multiples of scars and bruises that are caused by unknown sources.

Identifier: What makes her unique is that she has a necklace made out of silver chain, and at the end of it is a broken limiter. A small flame carved out of ice glows a feint mixture of crimson red and golden yellow. Another thing that would cause her to stand out in a crowd would be her sword she caries on her back, a single wakizashi blade.

Special Ability:


Name: Kumori no Shuuwai / Shadow of Corruption
Release Command: Kyuukei Karetaichi Omoi / Break Their Mind
Fullbring: She would unsheathe her sword and hold out her necklace as golden reiatsu begun to spin around her. The necklace turns into dark gauntlets on her both hand with hidden blades as well as her sword darkens slightly before dissipating into the air. Her clothing changes more to a freer flowing outfit. Her hair stays the same color, though the tips lighten to a light purpleish. Yuki looks slightly older and gains a more masculine look to her.

Abilities: unknown


Color: Crimson Red (shadows) / Golden Yellow (normal)
Element: fire

Aura: Sizzling: The natural feeling when her reaitsu is a feeling that your skin is being burned from the outside in. It may range from a slight tingling to actual burns on the skin.
Arosed: Burning: When Yuki's reiatsu is arosed, it has the capability to randomly cause things to ignite and burn due to the high amounts of heat and sparks that fly from it.
Flared:  Fear: When Yuki's reiatsu is flared, its extremely different from when she has it at the other two levels. A person experiences fear to the point in which they cant move, the feeling as if they were frozen or paralyzed. The fear will start from the doubts within the heart and greatly magnify them to the point where it becomes intolerable.

Capacity: ???
Control: Master: While studying with her master, she mainly focused on his specialty, Reiatsu manipulation. In doing so, she has learned to materialize, transform, and even transform reiatsu signatures.
Sensing: Average: She has shown some skill in sensing as she can sense hollows from very far distances as well as sense these 'shadows' that follow her around. While she doesn't know that these shadows are figures of her imagination running into reality through her darkened reiatsu, being able to see them when most shinigami cant is impressive.

order is none, inept, average, adept, expert, master

Hakuda (hand-to-hand combat): master
Hoho (speed technique): expert
Kidou (demon's magic): none
Zanjutsu (swordsmanship: master

First few years:

 Yuki was born on January 28 during a harsh snow storm in a small uninsulated hut. Her mother and father cared for her very much, and even with their current part-time jobs they couldn't support her well. She grew up on a small hill where there was a single sakura tree in karakura. After 2 years, her parents had noticed that she was often starring into space and distracted from the world. She had many imaginary friends that she liked to play with though she often strayed away from others liking to stay by herself. After the age of 3, her parents noticed that something dark was happening inside her mind. Later during that year, her imaginary friends had become more violent, often telling her to do things that she knows she shouldn't do.

Her life with Chikaru:

One day, Yuki had returned home from school and found both of her parents dead on the floor a knife in both parents hands as she slowly shook her father, then her mother's body. "wake up!" she would scream before the shock had settled out and reasoning had come in. She had realized that they were dead, and that not just that they had committed suicide. She quickly screamed and ran out of the house and went into a life of hiding. She would only go out and get food when she needed it with the little money that had been left from her parents. What was worse is that her reiatsu was now constantly growing stronger and soon hollows were after her. At first she thought they were her imaginary friends, 'shadows' she calls them, but soon she realized that it was something much worse.

A year of running away from these hollows, she ran into a shinigami by the name of Chikaru, whom was reported to find out why various people in karakura had begun to vanish and then reappear later dead in various ways. When he had found that it was Yuki, he realized that from the first glance, she wasn't responsible for this. Chikaru decided and offered that in return of teaching her about the ways of the shinigami and how to defeat hollows that she would come to him when these 'shadows' came and tried to attack her mind. Agreeing upon this, Yuki had begun her training and soon became very skilled in the arts of self-defense. Chikaru had been Yuki's only friend and the first to ever attempt to approach her. He was also the only one whom could stop the 'shadows' A couple years later, Yuki was around 8 and she had been living at Chikaru's for a while now. She arrived home, and she had found her friend laying on the floor covered in blood. She quickly ran to him and laid next to him as she cried, tears streaming down her face as he sighed. He told her that everything was going to be okay and not to worry. He told her that he taught her well and that she should go on and live a normal life. The last two things he gave her were the keys to his house and a sword.

Life After Chikaru's Death:

Yuki was still a child after Chikaru had died, but she was also special. He had been the only one that she could trust, and also the only one who had the ability to stop the 'shadows' from taking over her mind. When he died, something within her mind had snappedd, and she wasn't able to trust anyone ever again. She didn't want to bring pain and agony onto them as well as have the possibility of attacking them without even recognition of what she was doing. She kept herself locked up within his house, training and not showing herself to the public eye except to get food.

With Chikaru gone, she had no way to control her 'shadows' within her mind. She had never really found out any way to surpress them so there became constant outbreaks of disappearances of humans only to find the ground incinerated where the missing person had once stood. Also with Chikaru gone, she had another problem to deal with, the Goteijuusantai. Now that their failed attempt to bring her back peacefully had gone wrong, they tried to use force. Though when they managed to bring her back, they were stumpted. Her reiatsu signature matched the suspected one, but it's appearance was completely different.

She was put under several experiments which had ended up proving nothing about her case. She had also been put under torture in case she would end up admitting to her crimes. Unfortunatly for her, her tragedy that had occured recently made her force herself to forget everything. Torturing her, did accomplish 2 things. It had brought back her memory which she tried so hard to forget, and it broke any chances of her being able to trust another person. Eventually esscaping the cursed grounds, she had fleed to Karakura where she is now currently residing in. Eventually she had finished and accomplished Chikaru's main goal, which was for her to master her fullbring to protect herself from hollows and others who wish to harm her.

On Her Own:

Now Yuki just stays mainly within the relm of her house where here is a protective sealing barrier around it that keep hollows and most spiritual beings out. She continues her training there, where she is alone. The only time she goes out is when she has to go to school. She doesn't have any friends and she has been claimed an outcast to society. As the major disappearances aren't showing up as often, when they do show up they are in large quantities as usually a whole family. The police are stumped and cannot find evidence of these disappearances, and the shinigami seem as if to regard this as something not to be dealt with. For now she tries to keep as normal of a life as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Junsui Yuki   Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:45 pm

Cool profile.
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Junsui Yuki
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