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500 years after the death of Sosuke Aizen a new era of souls emerge to make their own marks on history.
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As the newest bleach rpg on forumotion many roles, ranks and classes need to be assumed. All of these privileges will be based off of first come first serve basis. Hurry up while you can!
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The 13 Court Guards squads include Captain # 13, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 12, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 11, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 10, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 9, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 8, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 7, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 6, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 5, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 4, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 3, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, Captain # 2, (Captain) with (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command, And leading the thirteen Court Guards Squad is Head Captain # 1, Atos with Miku as his second in command. Also playing a big role in the soul society is The Kido corps which is led by (Captain) and (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command and Division Zero which is led by (Captain) and (Lieutenant) as his/her second in command. These are the defenders of the Soul Society.
The Espada fraccions are not ranked in order of the numerous by power. All espada have earned their own names through countless devouring of hollow prey. These warriors stand out amongst all the hollow and arranacar alike. These members include (Espada) as the 10th espada, (Espada) as the 9th espada, (Espada) as the 8th espada, (Espada) as the 7th espada, (Espada) as the 6th espada, (Espada) as the 5th espada, (Espada) as the 4th espada, (Espada) as the 3rd espada, (Espada) as the 2nd espada, (Espada) as the 1st espada, and (Espada) as the espada number zero.
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 Tarra Vinsicta

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Race: Vizard
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PostSubject: Tarra Vinsicta   Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:58 am

Name: vindicta, Tarra

Nickname: ice slayer

Age: years alive 221, body age 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Birthday: forgotten

Blood Type: Tybe B

Alignment: Netural Good

Relationships: forgotten as the years have passed

Race: Vizard

Rank: Genius

Division: nop

Personality: likes: to have fun and even more around serious people, ice cream, meeting new people, watching the night sky, helping people
Dislikes: two faced people, liars, salad (mostly broccoli)    

Physical Appearance:long white hair, ice-blue eyes, light blue dress, dark leather corset with light leather straps hanging from it, dark light arm guards, tattos on the arms and that mach marks on the dress, no foot were

Mask: Karitoriki no kao

Zanpakuto: Chishi Setsuko

Zanpakuto: Chishi Setsuko is a sythe with mystic type designs that travle along its pale gray staff until wrapped bandages show up near the end and top before continuing again from the bandages are silk ribbons hanging loose the blade it self is a dark gray while the edge is a bit lighter in color

Background  (Role Play Sample): terra vindicta got to the soul society at the age of 16 where it was quickly found out that she was special some would say a genius when it came to fighting and using her spiritual powers so it dittent take long before she was to become a shinigami after alot of years traning and getting stronger she was without a doubt among the fastest in whole of soul society and one who people claimed would defiantly become a captain fast but luck was not with her when she got assigned to a division she came under captain aizen in the beginning she was happy with it and did her duties but one evening when the rest of her squad was sleeping she did what she used to do sneak out and find a quiet place to watch the stars and the moon while watching captain aizen noticed her and she noticed him when he finally got to her location the first thing she did was to apologize but he was not angry with her he just stood there and smiled and said she should come meet him the next night out in the Forrest and of course she did but this but when she got there aizen was already there and holding a small round and a little glowing ball when she finaly got close enough to aizen he did someting with it that made her an vizard shortly after becoming one aizen was gone and the 2. division was standing in front of her out of pure loyalty to the soul society she followed them only to learn a little later she was thrown to prison where she now have been for about 200 years...
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Tarra Vinsicta
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